Section 1: About the Glute Loop

The Glute Loop is available in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL) and 3 strengths (Regular, Strong and Extra Strong), allowing for 6 total options. If you're just looking to buy one single band, we recommend that the majority of users purchase the S/M Regular Glute Loop - this is the same size and strength as the Hip Thruster Loop. However, individuals with large thighs may wish to purchase the L/XL Regular Glute Loop instead. Stronger and fitter users will want to opt for the S/M and L/XL Strong and Extra Strong Glute Loops. However, instead of asking which band is right for you, consider buying all 6 loops. The reason why is that each band is useful for different exercises, variations, and rep ranges. For example, the L/XL Glute Loops are better suited for sumo squat and sumo band walks as they allow for larger excursions. And the Strong and Extra Strong Glute Loops are better suited for working lower rep ranges. We use them all at the Glute Lab. 

The Glute Loop can be used during hip extension exercises such as squats, bridges, hip thrusts, leg presses, and reverse hypers to add a hip abduction component and place double duty on the glutes. It can be used in the standing, hip hinge, supine, seated, quadruped, and side lying positions to provide resistance for frontal or transverse plane hip abduction movements. It can also be used in the quadruped and standing positions to provide resistance during hip extension movements. There are over 30 different glute exercises that we perform while wearing the Glute Loop. It's a staple for any person who is serious about improving their gluteal strength, function, and development.

At present we are the only retailer of the Glute Loop.

Section 2: Purchasing

We are please to offer wholesale pricing on all orders of 30 or more Glute Loops. We base our wholesale pricing on the total number of Glute Loops in your order, split across any combination of sizes and strengths.

Please visit the wholesale page for more information.

When you checkout, you will have the option to make your payment by credit/debit card.

We occasionally give out discount codes at events and Expos. If you have a discount code, add the unit to your shopping cart as usual and checkout. You'll have the opportunity to add your discount code there and any applicable savings will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Section 3: Shipping and delivery

UK - from £3

EU destinations - from £7

ROW destinations - from  £9

To place a wholesale order please contact us.

Click here for Australia/New Zealand orders or click here for US/Canada orders. If your country is not available after adding your items to the cart then please contact us for a quote.

Allow approximately 1 week for delivery within the UK, 2-3 weeks for all other orders.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer specified delivery dates.

Unfortunately we do need the correct shipping address to register at the time of order for our own insurance purposes. We are not able to amend this at a later point in time, even if you log in and make changes to your delivery address. If you do use the wrong address please notify us immediately.

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Section 4: Cancellations and damaged products

If you do order an incorrect item please notify us right away. We should then be able to cancel the order and refund you so that you can place a new order with us for the correct item.

We have a 25% restocking fee for any returns of this nature so please contact us to arrange an exchange. Please also note that the returned product or products need to be in their original packaging and be in an as-new condition in order to be eligible for an exchange.

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If the product arrives damaged, we will of course provide you with a replacement. To receive a replacement free of charge, you must contact us to report the damage within 7 days of receipt of the product and you must include photos of the damage and outside packaging.  If you report any damage to us after 7 days of receiving the product, or do not provide photos of the the damaged product and packaging, we will need to charge you for the replacement product and the associated shipping costs.

If the product arrives in good shape (no signs of physical damage), and later fails because of manufacturer's structural defect, contact us immediately, and we will repair or replace at our expense if within 3 months of the purchase date.

Section 5: Training with the Glute Loop

There is not currently a specific training program written for use with the Glute Loop.

Bret Contreras, inventor of the Glute Loop, has co-authored a book called “Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body” (available on Amazon) which contains glute training information relevant to both men and women.

Bret also runs a training program, Booty by Bret, where you can get total body strength training programs which include training for the glutes.